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Two All New Turn-On Strike Indicators!
Jerk! Alert
(Means "Set-the-Hook" Guys!)
Locks onto leader!
help anglers achieve an improved
Developed by Skip Halterman,
Originals on the world famous San
Juan River in northwestern New
Mexico, Skip's products have been
marketed and sold all over the
USA and in many countries around
the world since 1991.  

Let us help you have a more
satisfying, productive, fly
fishing experience.

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The end of an era.  There are a few sizes and colors left.  
Please email sizes and colors you might like and we will let
you know what is left.  Get a
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.  Order here or go to the product page.  
Quit struggling with split-shot!
for nymphing
  • Solves split shot problems
  • Heavier than split shot
  • Lead Free

Fly fish easily and expertly using your
spin fishing gear!!
  • Yes, a spin fishing angler really can do
  • Even dry fly fish!
  • It's revolutionary
  • Gotta-see-it-to-believe-it
  • Incredible action
  • Won Best of Show at the world's
largest sport fishing show!

Jump'n Jack Spinners
See this incredible lure in


If you are serious about your
fishing and your equipment, If you
drag works, or
If you want to see more new

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  • 35% less dense than the Original Turn-On!
  • Slightly larger in diameter for more visibility!
  • Float higher! Stay where you put them or will slide on demand!
  • Re-usable and no leader kink!
  • No fly removal ever!
  • No sticky stuff!
  • Subdued colors will not spook fish!
  • Aerodynamic - so easy to cast!
Two exciting new indicators for the angler who wants the very best!
The colors are more . . . well, fishy for lack of a better word. No more
spooking fish in heavily fished water with bright fluorescent colors, and
yet they are still highly visible. The integrity of the rubber tabs is
maintained by you doing the easy assembly. The new TOSI
TM and
Jerk! Alert
TM have come into reality after 6 years of extensive research
in new ways to micro-mold foam. There is nothing else like them.They
are one of a kind and anglers around the world will reap the benefits. It
is opening the door for a whole new way to produce and fish strike
indicators that anglers are going to love. We hope you catch a bunch
of fish with them! Read on or order here.


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