Skip's Advanced Angling Products
The All New, Last, Best, Strike Indicator you will ever fish!!
(unless I make a better one!)
The San Juan River in Autumn
These indicators are so good, they do everything but catch the
fish for you and let's you be a class act while they do it!

  • 35% less dense than the Original Turn-On!
  • Slightly larger in diameter for more visibility!
  • Float higher! Stay where you put them or slide on demand!
  • Positively lock onto the leader
  • Ends of tab are recessed so don't catch your line
  • Come unassembled to protect integrity of the tab, lets you
    combine halves for different colors, solid or bi-vis!
  • Subdued colors will not spook fish, yet highly visible!
  • Aerodynamic - so easy to cast!
  • Incredibly easy to install or remove
  • Re-usable, again and again
  • No fly or weight removal ever needed
  • Easy to reposition without removal from the leader
  • Causes no leader damage or kink
  • Can be set up on the leader to allow them to slide down
    the leader for easy fish retrieval from a float tube.  They
    are the ONLY indicator on the market that will do

"I have been fly fishing for 30 years or so and nobody's indicators come
close, thanks again."                         Charlie D
Jerk! Alert's have a number of ways they can be installed depending on the fishing style.  The most
common is to place the leader in the side slit.  Next, pull the two halves slightly apart, then hold one
end in its original position while rotating the other end around the leader.  Unlike the original
Turn-On, the new Jerk! Alert can be installed using either half as the rotating half and can be rotated
in either direction.  

One full turn is all that's needed for use high on the leader butt;  2 or 3 full rotations and they won't
slip on the finest tippet.  Less is better than more, so do as few rotations as needed.  Please note
that each rotation must be a full 360 degrees for this Jerk Alert to work properly.  

When the Jerk! Alert has been rotated only one full turn and the leader is wet, it can be moved to a
new position, using fingers to slide it up or down the leader.  NOTE:  It will slide on a dry leader,
but it's easier on the rubber tab if it's wet.
These fishing styles require very long, fine leaders which make landing a fish difficult if the strike
indicator won't slip on the leader.  To facilitate this, rotate the Jerk! Alert only one full turn.  It will stay
where it's put while fishing.  When bringing in the fish, the indicator will slip as it gets reeled up
against the top guide on the rod allowing the fish to be pulled in close for netting.
While the new colors appear more subdued than the original Turn-On's, they are actually
fluorescent and will appear bright on the water.  This makes them less likely to catch the attention of
the fish and cause them to spook.
Just add a second or third Jerk! Alert to the line.
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Also shows how to assemble a Jerk! Alert
Small    5/16" diameter
3/4" long
Medium  7/16" diameter
7/8" long
Salmon Pink
River Rock Camo
Gator Green
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Bi-visible
Each pack contains 4
strike indicators and
2 extra tabs
(all one size & one color
or one bi-visible color)

$9.95 per pack

This is the newest addition to the Skip's Original Strike
Indicator line-up.  The idea for
Jerk! Alerts was one of those
ideas in the night that tends to set you bolt upright in bed.  
These dumbbell shaped wonders are unique in the fly fishing
world because they absolutely lock to your leader, yet allow
outclass every other strike indicator on the market.  
Alternate method of Jerk! Alert installation
and how to remove the rubber tab
"Skip - You have finally done it!  The Jerk! Alert rules!  Last week I was able
to put that indicator through a real variety of conditions including
Oklahoma wind.  Both sizes stayed put on the line with no slippage even
with fluoro tippet, did not come/fly off even after many casts, floated great,
had no real troubles with casting and tangling, and I really think the new
colors are less spooky to the fish.  Would definitely recommend as the
first-line go to indicator.  I have tried so many indicators and thought you
just had to accept their faults and limitations.  Thank you for your
continued quest of perfection!"        Jim N. in Tulsa
Fluorescent White for
all lighting conditions!